Inflatable Hire Manchester

Are you planning a party or event? Looking for something fun that everyone will enjoy and remember for a lifetime? Both adults and kids love the freedom and energy released jumping on an inflatable. Here at bouncy castle hire Manchester we offer an amazing selection of inflatables to suit every type of party or event.

Whatever the occasion we are confident our bouncy castles will entertain both adults and children. For schools, public events, festivals and private parties, we offer very competitive packages so get in touch to see how we can help you. If you’re unsure about the size or type of bouncy castle to hire we can perform a pre-hire survey of the location.

Our range of bouncy castles is suitable for indoors and outdoors. You can be confident hiring our bouncy castles in spring, summer, autumn or winter as all our inflatables come with rain covers so the weather won’t stop you enjoying yourself. All our bouncy castles are high quality and come with current PIPA certificates to ensure your guests safety and security. Safety markings are clearly shown on each bouncy castle detailing the maximum capacity and limits. All our equipment is manually checked on return and again before hired for an event by our trained team.

At bouncy castle hire Manchester we deliver, set-up and take down the bouncy castle and equipment at no extra charge to you. Everything is done within the time frame you choose. Taking care of our customers is second nature to us. Let us do the worrying and the work. All you have to do is let your hair down and have fun!

Our reputation stands on our years of outstanding customer service, reliable and quality installation and competitive prices. Contact bouncy castle hire Manchester for your next event in the Manchester area and let us help your party go with a bang and a bounce!

Various Uses For Inflatable Products

An inflatable product is basically any device that can be filled with air or gas before using it. They are popular due to their mobility,wide range of use and convenience. Their use also varies in accordance to its intended purpose.

It is safe to say, inflatable products revolve around children. They provide a source of amusement keeping them busy and happy.Be it their backyard or a family holiday, they are a must. Due to the easy movement of the inflatable products, they are easy to move around no matter the distance. Common inflatable toys include inflatable animals, bouncy castles,music instruments, water slides, swimming pool air mattresses etc. So the next time you think of going on holiday, look up an inflatable product that you can use to maximize on the fun.

When it comes to the business sector and inflatable company’s, inflatable products can be used for advertising purposes. Large replicas of the product are made according to the client’s specifications. They act as a good marketing tool as they are able to catch people’s attention. The other advantage is that there is no limit to creativity. Your wish is there desire, making it more convenient to use. The lifespan of the product is not limited. Seeing as most inflatable products are made of plastic, this ensures that the product will last and can be re-used in the future.

Another major user of inflatable products are businesses in the service industry such as hotels. Inflatable projection screens are used when there are large crowds in an open space. It is much easier to set up and is not affected by change in weather. When it comes to the swimming pool area Inflatable water trampolines, swimming pool chairs, water slides, air mattresses and floaters are a must have. They are a good way of attracting people and making their stay worthwhile.

No doubt inflatable products play a big part in our lives without us even knowing. Their varied use and convenience makes them not only easy to use but also fun.